A Massive Cultural Change is Approaching!

The representation of the values and beliefs of a group of people through the creative arts has always been evident throughout history. Mediums like dance, paintings, sculptures and the theatre arts have been used as ways to effectively communicate the unique ideals of a society. This method of communication ensures that the teachings are well… Continue reading A Massive Cultural Change is Approaching!

A case for Repatriation

On October, 2021 the University of Aberdeen in Scotland participated in the repatriation movement after returning a bronze head statue to Nigeria, stating that its acquisition was “extremely immoral” . Among States/Countries like Scotland who support repatriation, it is believed that not only are these artifacts are a crucial part of the identity of the… Continue reading A case for Repatriation

The Future is in the Past

The influence of ancient Greece stretches far and wide. As a society, our architecture, arts, and modus operandi all have integral aspects rooted in the Greek culture. Little things like umbrellas, screws and anchors and more complex systems like Geometry, the peer jury system and medicine all stem form the Greek way of life. Its… Continue reading The Future is in the Past

We have Discovered Nothing!

For centuries, the Arts have served as the primary medium for the advancement of political ideals, communication and the expression of creativity. These functions of the arts have been evident throughout antiquity and dates back all the way to the paleolithic era, where history as we know it was non existent. The different materials, tools,… Continue reading We have Discovered Nothing!

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